Redpinelabs board #2

I ripped the mast off my previous board (converted old windsurf board) here: Colorado winter build - ARC200 - flipsky 120kv - samsung 30q - #50 by Etienne - Builds -

So I started cutting out the new board today on the cnc today. Got some eps 25psi 3.3 inch foam from a concrete supply store in town. Going to cut in two halves and glue together for a 5.5 inch board.


Why do all you guys have a cnc machine!

My dad and I just finished shaping a blank the old school way.

It was fun , buy what a mess, and what did my dad wished he had a cnc machine for this job!

Anyway. Most is done now. Next glassing.

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Shaping with a CNC machine insures more precision and less manual work. Both methods can yield the same result but the CNC machine is definitely a nice short cut and a safer option.

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Also when you build a CNC you gotta find lots of projects to use it for :grinning:

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After sanding and cleanup!


Nice. But this does not look correct.

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Hahaha yeah, still had to do handwork after to clean it up! I’m sure if you look closely you’ll see gouges I did with the sander :grinning:

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Got the makers hi200. Planning on going 14s on the next battery pack.

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14p8s of the molicel p24a 21700 4000mah. Battery mooch says they can put out 30A continuous.

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Got the bottom carbon fibered! 3 layers (5.7oz) on the bottom and extra square over the foil mount.

A couple wrinkles and such, but for the first try it went great!

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Making some progress. Got the board laid up and working on the hatch.


ESC box almost done! Pretty happy with the upgrades to the CNC that helped it cut aluminum so well. Box will bolt down to a slingshot mast base with the inside holes and mount on the board with the outside holes.


Where the wires going to come into the box from the mast?

From the picture above that box will point downward. Need to make sure water doesn’t come up through the wire holes and 2 mast base bolts.


Ah, I see now. I wonder how much heat will hit the board…

Yeah I see what you mean. I think with the amount of aluminum between the ESC and board I got a pretty good thermal mass before it gets too hot, but I’ll be monitoring that for sure. Just have to stay on foil for 60 minutes without touching down to hit the worst case!

On my old board with an arc200, I hardly had any aluminum exposed and the temps always were always in a good range.

After the mast was ripped off :smiley: , but you can see the ESC box there:

Great work! Do you have any more info about the DIY CNC machine? I have been thinking about building a small one, but perhaps have my bar set too low.

Mine ended up being similar to the AVID cnc pro line, except ballscrews on all axis instead of rack and pinion.

Here is one of their smaller ones:

If you wanted to build one from scratch, there is a lot of learning to do looking at designs on cnczone: DIY CNC Router Table Machines

Not sure what I would recommend for a smaller CNC. The cost at least for the style I got isn’t that much between a smaller or bigger one. Some people have luck with the china 3020 or similar, but maybe there is something better out there now for that size. All depends on what you want to do!

Have a look here plus the Black Friday (pre) sales: