Reduction for an SSS 500Kv 56104 4:1 or 6:1?

I’m struggling to get the reductor here in Argentina. Finally found 2 reducers: a cheap one (4:1) and an expensive one (6:1). Quality is the same and don’t know why such price difference. Will I be good with the 4:1 or I should go for the 6:1?

Are they both 1 stage?

My DIY gearbox is 4,1:1 and with a 120mm prop this works fine, less than 40 A current when riding on the foil.

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I use a 4:1 with 420kv and 6:1 with 800kv. Both sss motors. If you want high topspeed with a fast wing I would go for the 4:1. If you want more torque and lower speed, the 6:1 is the best choise

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I’d use a 800KV 5684 with a 4:1 gear. It will have plenty torque and be faster than anyone else!

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Than your rpm will be realy high, but you don’t have a lot of torque. It wil pull alot of amps and maybe overheat. For 800kv I would suggest 6:1 reduction.

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4:1 and smaller diameter lower pitch prop. Torque is enough, you need speed, not torque.
You ain’t building a tug boat!


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