Reisenauer 4:1 vs 5:1 for SSS500kv?

Hello guys,

At Reisenauer’s, they seem to only have the right 8mm pinion for the Superchief 4:1 and not the 5:1…

Leaving me no choice but purchasing a 4:1

For those of you who have the SSS 500KV, is that a big problem to choose the 4:1 with the @Silvio’s metal prop over a 5:1 ? I have no intention to go over 10S…


You’ll have a slightly higher RPM. It really shouldn’t make much difference as you can just use less throttle is you want.

I have Reisenauer 1: 5 and the same propeller on 390kv engine with a 14S battery
from my experience it will work not bad but I think you will have high current consumptionou you can reduce the motor shaft

Hi @1113,

I have a question please. What do you mean by reducing the motor shaft please ?

What is the correlation between the Reisenauer gear ratio and the motor shaft length ?

Thank you

no need for shortening is necessary to constrict

motorshaft was lathed down to fit the Spurgear of Planetary from 10mm to 6mm

I see

Our version of the SSS 500KV has an 8mm shaft, and the pinion sold by Reisenauer is also 8 mm so in this specific case no need to lathe the motor shaft.