Remote, 6374, FSESC 6.7, charger for sale

I’m selling some products which I have left.
If prices changed and are too high, please let me know.
All parts are new or tested once.

NEW: Maytech MTSKR1905WF Remote Controller - 100 €
NEW: Maytech 6374 MTO6374-170-WPC Motor waterproof - 125 €
NEW: FS FSESC 6.7 PRO VESC 6 - 125 €
NEW: 6S Li-Ion charger with XT60 Plug, 5A - 15 €
NEW: 14S Li-Ion charger with XT90 Plug, 3A - 25 €

Mittel (IMG_1871)

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Shipping from Europe, Germany

Could you post some pics?

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sure, sorry for delay - upload via mobile was not possible.
I now added the missing pics.

I still have a few parts left:
FSESC 6.7 PRO + Heatsink: 110 €
charger 58,8 Volt, 3 A: 20 €
Maytech 6374 waterproof 170 KV: 100 €

Shipping from Germany

Still have the motor?
I would buy the motor if the rotor fits original fd stator.

Hi, yes, still have some motors left.

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also have one more unused ZESC Raiden 7 VESC based Controller.

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