Removable Mast & Electronics Compartment

I’m currently going through my build and just starting to look at the box/insert to hold the battery & electronics etc.

So I’ve currently got an old windsurfer that I need to mount a DIY mast and foil (yet to be compelted) and I’m trying to thin of ways to keep works to a minimum and waterproof etc.

So I was thinking…an old windsurf board cut in half and then hollow out a central core/box section (won’t be easy to do and internally needs sealed/glassed) which you could slide a box into - by box, I mean, box mounted to mast and whole lot slides in.

This would leave the top of the board in tact and the bottom of the board mostly in tact (except a slot cut for the fin to slide the whole way in to the position you want and it could be held in place then with a strong version of this from the back of the board so no drag.

Would there then be too much layers between the remote in my hand and the receiver I wonder?

Some very crude sketches below for thought:

ESC above the battery would be 135mm leaving a gap between the ESC and the battery n mount the esc and the CB on roof of compartment…but I only have 165mm in my board so im thinking of having a 2 compartment Alu Box with esc at end of battery…meaning I could get away with 85/90mm height leaving plenty board above and below and put the mast roughly 150mm left of where my finger is as my mast is hollow. I’d run the cables down under the battery then and down the mast - will need to be very waterproof to work

So I’d probably need a box 550mm minimum long - probably 600 Long, 185-190mm Wide & 85/90mm High.

How difficult do you guys think it would be to cut an internal box out?