Removing a stuck prop?

Any advice for removing a stuck on prop?

Tried hot water, rubber mallet, wd40 nothing will budge it :joy:

Is it an aluminium prop on a steel shaft run in salt water?

Yes thatโ€™s right aluminium prop on stainless steel shaft. Have been using it salt water :crazy_face:

Had a similar prolem with a geared setup. I could safe the prop but had to destroy the shaft. I had to lathe down the shaft behind the stuck prop, put some shims between the prop and the thread and use a nut to push it down until it reached the lathed part with a smaller diameter. With a direct drive inrunner, this will not work so you would need some sort of pull tool that can grab the prop and allows you to push somthing against the shaft from behind.

Car Tool to take bearing out shaft
Never tried but run dc current between prop and shaft like a set up to remove rust ?

Try to use a bearing puller, or you have to use a angle grinder and get a cut the propeller.

You can try this. Put the shaft and prop in the freezer, several hours, so you get everything to -18. Before that apply wd40. Then start to heat the propeller fast. The aluminium should heat up faster then the SS shaft. You might try to insulate visible part of the shaft to keep it as cool as possible. Dipping the propeller in almost boiling water might heat is fast enough, or then heat gun.

Another thing to try is drilling a few holes through the hub to the shaft( stop there). This way you can apply wd40 inside, that otherwise might not go there due to corrosion.

With ice and heat+wd40 have had great success in a few almost impossible cases.

Iโ€™ve had good luck 3d printing jigs to use with clamps to apply pressure to only the shaft and prop to remove stuck props.

Soak the prop and shaft in hot water for a bit, then try take it off. The aluminium will expand faster than stainless.
If the above doesnt work soak in corrosion X for a day or so.
Both the above worked for me when I had stainless bolts stuck in my wake tower which were in there for a few years (really really stuck!)

Thanks everyone. Went with the bearing pullers and they worked. Will make sure I remove regularly and clean with fresh water

Just pop some corrosion X or anti-seize between the 2 interfaces.

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