Repairing damaged covering on 8AWG silicone wires

Is there a good way to do a waterproof repair on the covering on silicon motor wires ?
Changing the complete wire is not an option as they go into the motor.

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You can get heatshrink with glue in it,It works well. Or do the budget version and stuff silicone in some normal heatshrink and shrink it down.

The glue doesn’t stick to the silicone, it will peel off within time so i think your second method is better.

self sealing tape is silicone so that could work. Havent tried it myself though.

Silicone and thermo sheath effectively

I used black electrical tape. Simple…and I have never had a problem. YMMV.

I’ve used the self stick silicone tape and 100% caulking caulking.

After damaging the wires bunch more hitting a sandbar, I’m replacing the wires just outside the motor and rerunning them. Heat shrink and silicone over the solder joint.

Double sided nano tape and zip ties.

You should try Scotch 4704.

Marine silicone and heatshrink. I’ve had to do this a few times when joining wires for various builds and all have held up well.

Thank you for suggestions ! silicone and double shrink wrap is looking good .