Repalcement for turnigy 6S 16.0 multistar

Hi! I fried one of my 6s batteries today. They are discontinued at hobby king. Can anyone recommend a replacement that is the same size?


Don’t be frustrated, sometimes the shop shows ridiculous things. For some days it was gone now it is back.

12c not the same apparently …

What do you mean? You used another one? I use similar, 4S, altogether 32Ah 12S. What is the problem about those?

There are no problem with those, in Europe then went on big sale couple Month ago , them nothing and now the new one are rated 12c instead of 10c and higher price /ah

Pricing has gone crazy with those. I bought them for my ebike three years ago and they were $40 each. Now they are on sale for $140. Has lithium gone up by that much?
Also, the C rating should be 5c, not 10c. Why rate them even higherat 12c?