Replacement FOIL brand ESC?

I have a brand board that had water enter the motor pod and blow up the speed control. Get FOIL says that because the board was purchased from a previous owner they will not honor the warranty. I really don’t want to send the motor pod back to Get FOIL for them to replace the speed control. At this point I believe Get FOIL is not a company that I would trust and would rather not give them any more business. Does anyone recognize this speed control as a part that is available from a retailer other than Get FOIL?

A really sad news : as LIFT, a non transferable warranty…

This is the SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE remedy available to the original purchaser
during the warranty period for breach of this warranty. This warranty is

I don’t think any of the companies offer a transferable warranty.
No clue what eac that is, but I’d imagine you could use many different escs on the getfoil board as I don’t see a data connector.

Among the companies I know allowing transfer: xfoil,
I read the Fliteboard one was transferable and nothing so far says it is not.
Other brands ? Worth checking… Takuma, Sifly,

I started to disassemble the FOIL speed control with hopes of replacing the blown mosfets, but I can’t see any identification numbers on the good mosfets to know what to replace them with. I will probably end up sending the motor pod back to FOIL to have them replace the speed control. I hope they will replace it for a reasonable price as it is clearly a manufacturing defect that let water into the speed control portion of the motor pod and there was also a capacitor which was never correctly soldered to the speed control circuit board.

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