Repurposed E-Bike Batteries?

Hi all: I’m a newbie on this forum and would just like to put an idea out there to tap into your collective wisdom. While I’m interested in e-foiling, as a first step I think I’d just like to build a simple propulsion system to power my SUP at a speed of about 5 to 10 kmh. I have an e-bike with a Bosch propulsion system. Since the battery seems to be the most expensive part of these systems it seems to make sense to repurpose that battery instead of buying or assembling a new one. Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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My ebike setup that I can ride for hours on lasts about 25 minutes on the efoil. Also I think foiling at 5km is not realistic. I go over 10km an hour just pumping a manual foil off the dock.

Thanks for the reply. I actually don’t want to foil in the beginning - just push a normal SUP. Is your ebike setup one you put together or did you buy it off the shelf?

What is your ebike battery configuration?
Cell type?
Output connector type?

Sorry I missed that message, foilmore. I have a Bosch Powerpack 2 for my ebike. Amps. All the specs I could find online are 36 V, 13.4 ampa. As I said, I’m new on this thread and I don’t really want to foil. I just want to use the battery that I already own to power a SUP so that I can travel against a current (river) at reasonable speeds. Any suggestions would be very helpful. I’m guessing that overheating might be an issue if the battery is placed in a waterproof housing.

Better go for packs that are from the scooters like niu or similar… They have much better BMS!

The point is that I already have this battery! I like the concept of having one battery to power several different tools/toys. Afterall, the battery is expensive and… you can only use one toy at at time so why do we need a battery for each?

I bought a scooter battery and put it in this efoil battery case…efoil battery box, battery case
. fitted perfectly and I run it without add. waterproof comparement. as I packed it on my wingboard, similar to the foil drive…or pwrfoil…
Works perfect and cheapest solution I can think of :wink: