Resistor to avoid spark when plugging in

I am using the Maytech 300 amp ESC with 2 6s lipos in series , what size resistor would i need to connect first to charge the capacitors slowly ?and avoid the spark.

I use the AS150 plugs with build in antispark resistor. I’m not sure about the value but I think it is in the 1 - 10 ohm range and enough wattage

Try this site

Yeah all this arcing stuff always give me concerns on safety and longevity.

something in between 5-15Ohm. and 0,5-1W power.

The AS150 ant-spark I have measures 5.8 ohm. So I would use a 6.2 or 6.8 ohm (1 watt).

Even a 100-200 Ohm resistor will work, charge time will be a little longer (2-4s). You will limit the current through the resistor even further. When using seperated connectors for anti-spark, the time will not be a problem. In a AS150 connector it is, because your push-in faster than the charge time.

I just found a 100Ohm resistor in a defective source , it works great.