Ride time and range test

First ride after the cyclone Wipha. Some damage but still can ride. I want to try my new printed propeller which combined with the spacer. Also, testing the ride time and range. I go back to beach when the battery indicator is showing one bar only on the Maytech remote. Drain the battery from 50.4 v to 41.1 v. My battery is 12s 42ah Lipo. Ride time about an hour and total 17.35 km. Average speed is about 18 to 20 km/h. Cruising mode is quite helpful for long ride. I feel a cramp in my leg and finger after half hour of the riding. Does anyone tested other 3D printed propeller? Please share your data. Thank you very much.

New propeller

50v 42ah 8.1kg 12s battery pack