Riding in lakes with water plants (pondweed)

As you guys might already know I’m a jet boarder, but might eventually end up “flying” too. (on purpose that is!)

One of the reasons I build a jet board is because the lake I live next to has lot’s and lot’s of water plants.
It is this bad that all kind of boats get stuck in them if you go behind the buoys. (They mow between the buoys)

My jet board does not have much problems with the water plants as the jets just grinds them in small peaces.

Now what about a foiling board? Do you guys have problems with water plants? (I guess you do)

This is the stuff (pondweed) I’m talking about (sorry video is in Dutch, but showing the problem)

Funny thing is that this water plants grow so quick and tall because the water is so clean!
I suggested to put hippos in the lake, but apparently this is not an option :slight_smile:

Weeds have always been a problem since props exist and windsurf boards in the 80’s found a solution designing special fins called “anti weed fins” with a lot of rake (30 to 45° backward angle) which would also work with efoil front wing using bowed leading edge (see NAISH Thruster WS1). Raked fins and bowed wings are not as efficient since their projected length is lower than non raked ones but still effective. For an efoil, an “anti weed” front wing would be a triangle in order not to catch weeds.
The positive thing with weeds is that the water police can’t go after a jetboarder :wink:

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So true about the water police… And I can even go into really shallow water if needed.
That is if they do not chase me with a waterscooter / Jetski :slight_smile:

I’ve seen moth sailboat almost doing front flips here when they hit the pondweed.
I’m going to stick with my jetboard for now, and maybe start winter foiling someday .

Thank you for the info