Right priced foil parts

I’m doing my own foil, basically for the fun of it.
To me the the wings are the interesting part. Fuselage will be pretty easy to do (but boring), mast and mount will be a bit more work and i’d rather buy them all.

The problem is that the parts i find are ridiculously overpriced, must be better options than what i can find?

I think a 60cm mast shouldn’t cost more than 10-20eur, mount plate 20eur and fuselage 10eur considering the simplicity of these parts.

Anyone got better sources?

PS as reference a crazyfoil dual front wings complete foil set is sold at 244 eur of which the majority value will be wing cost. Still their parts are (in my opinion) too expensive when sold separately.

Following but not hopeful youll find too much!! Clearwater foils are cheaper but still require diy to flass and finish

Cheapest mast so far is rlboards efoil mast at 30eur but this is not anodised which is needed, or i’ll need to do an overlay to protect the mast.