Right prop dir 80100 motor?

My “new” prop I got for free any ideas mounting it onto a 80100 motor?

There are two holes on the side. Maybe 3d print a inner part and put the 2 screws from the side.
I wont short the shaft of the 80100 motor because I don’t have any machine for doing something like this.
Any ideas? How did you guys mount the prop onto the 80100 motor



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If you click here, you will find 27 sources of inspiration :slightly_smiling_face:


@Mat how did you mount your prop onto your 80100 motor?


with 2 screws going through the prop into the front part of the rotor. 4 would be overkill i think.

not installed shown on the picture is the part that fills the opening in the rotor.

what kind of prop is this one mine has an diameter of about 184mm
and as you can see this option would not work for my prop


they are similar to your (184mm dia): the black on is a 7-1/4 x 6 plastic, the white one is a 7-1/4 x 5 alu… but i didn’t get to test the white one as i printed one that was smaller and much better 80100 direct cooling - #286 by Mat - Builds - FOIL.zone
the printed one is 160mm diameter and works great (see thread above)