RL-Mast + Motormount + Maytech65162"120KV"


i’m selling two of my motor mast combination. One is unused the other is used 1 week.

The Plate for the motor ist 10mm Aluminium and is welded on the mast and finished with black powder-coated

Motor is Maytech65162 with 120KV

SOLD: 550€ for the new
500€ for the used

plus shipping (located in Germany or Switzerland)

i have props to sell to (FR 6")

Example Weld

After every one is just interested in the FR Props :roll_eyes:

SOLD: One brand new: 220,-€ plus shipping in europe (germany free)

One used: 150,-€ plus shipping in europe (germany free)

a few FR Clones 150,-€ plus shipping in europe (germany free)

Good to see some aluminium props on the market again, are the clones with 6” or 7” pitch?

The Clones are with the 6" pitch

Have you made the clones yourself ??

Yes, but depends what all incloud myself.

The milling job was handed out to a professionell CNC-Company.

Moin ich habe Interesse an dem n Mast mit neuen Motor und der passenden Schraube. Kannst du mir ein Angebot machen?
Ich komme aus der Nähe von Chemnitz Deutschland.
Gruß Ingo

A really clever idea but is the welding stiff enough at this particular place 10mm away from the trailing edge onto 4mm (?) mast section ? Did you use some kind of reinforcement inside ? Looks like 2 or 3 M4 or M5 screws could be used to fix the 65mm plate to the mast.
Could you post a real mast picture without motor and without the 3D printed cone ? Curious to see the cable path :wink:


@thorlex Could you share the FR Prop Scan files (Or if you modeled them, however you have them) ? would be interested !