RL Variofoil versus Liquid Force Happy Foil

Hi everybody,
I saw this advertising and I wonder, if it is a good foil for efoiling.

I want to buy the motor from Flying Rodeo and it works with a liquid force mast.
Actually I want to ride with RL Variofoil, but FR said, the mast doesnt fit to the motor unit. Does anybody have a 3D Model from RL Mast? FR is able to make a new mast clamp if he gets a 3D model. Or is it much more easier, to buy the liquid force? I dont want to be the fastest on the water, I just want to go carving , making some curves and try to go in smaller waves.
What would you recommend?

I did some research on the happy foil when I was shopping for my own foil and it will work but it is not recommended for beginners. The front wing is pretty small so you will need a lot of speed to lift off. It will work though and it will be more agile once on it than a bigger wing foil. The LF rocket foil might be a better option to start with.

Hi Subusi

From what I have found, its quite nice to have a slightly larger wing (80cm in width) as it makes the foil a bit more playful.
I ride the slingshot gamma 68 and there are times I find the wing a little small to do low speed carves on.
If I were to invest from scratch the most important aspect would be to look at which mast is most compatible with a range of wings and can fit 3 8awg cables plus cooling.

have you also compare crazyfoil? relatively cheap and stable from 15 to 40 kmh!


I use it almost every day

CABLES! wow, that`s a good advice. :hugs:
I forgot to think about.
And what about the easiest way, to buy the motor AND the foil from Flying Rodeo?
The price is nearly the same.
He should know what fits together. Does he use a compatible mast? And does anyboby know the FR foils?

Easiest way is to buy motor unit fitted to the mast from FL rodeo , and probably at the same time buy the foil ( fuselage and wings)
It is not easy to fit cable through the mast especially those from FL motor

Flying Rodeo does a number of different masts. He can do gong foils, slingshot (this won’t fit watercooling), axis and some others. Might be a good idea to ask him what he can do.

Gong has quite a few different wing options for very good prices so it’s not a bad way to go.

thats what I wonna do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=it5Arh3xqRU Im not so heavy (78kg) and I don`t wonna use a paddle…, but such waves are often on Fehmarn (North Germany)

Gobbla said in another tread: 1: gong allvator 65 L - SUP - 2018
2 : rider 75kg + complete efoil : 33kg
3: 13km/h take off - max 33km/h (link to motor and proppler)
4: take off : 2500W // 15km/h ==> 1400W // 25km/h ==> 3000W
5: really easy to ride

That sounds great for me. And 33km/h are enough for me :slight_smile:
By the way: Nobody goes out with footstraps and efoil. The guy on the video used two of them. Is it too dangerous wit an efoil?