Route cables inside Axis mast

Hey y’all,

I bought an Axis aluminum mast thinking it was hollow inside and I could just route the motor cables inside the mast.
However, turns out that the mast has some material inside.

Does anyone have experience with routing cables inside the Axis mast?
Would be interested to hear some pro tips on how it can be done.


They are plastic stoppers to prevent water going in the mast. Stuck with a bit of adhesive/ resin.

Either tap them out with a rod, or screw and pull.

Thanks! Appreciate the quick response.

Update: I got it done, but removing those glued in plastic parts from the inside of the mast was super hard and it took me a whole evening. Using a heat gun to soften the adhesive didn’t seem to help. Couldn’t tap them out. I ended up using a very long drill to drill many holes in the plastic and then tap out the broken up bits.

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I ordered a metal bar and used a mallet. 2 minutes and mine were out.

Well done! I also used a metal rod with a hammer but didn’t have success that way.