RPM low, performance not sufficient

Hi All,

After 1.5 years of building my efoil I had a chance to test in in water.

Firstly, my setup:

  1. Board around 160cm long with dual purpose (efoil +wing board)

  2. battery 14S10P Samsung 40T exchangable with dumb cover (for wingfoiling) 58 Volt - full load

  3. VESC As200ver3 from TriForce

  4. Mast 75 cm

  5. Propeller 6ich FR

During my test I have observed that current consumption was around 30 Amps, maximum RPM (got from motor wire on Mytech remote was around 3200)

Based on VESC tool I have got ERPM around 18888 so theoretically (having in mind 6 poles (3 pairs) should be able to get 18888/3 - around 6296 RPM.

Why I am not able to get right RPM figures if I am testing propeller in the air? I have changed FOC to BLDC, current motor and battery limits and nothing happened.

I have remembered that initial config of Vesc&motor did long time ago so decided start wizard again ;-(.

Presently, my long waiting efoil is dead again.

Wizard didn’t spin the motor at all, based on fault seems as like OVER_VOLTAGE (my battery is almost fully charged). I read that this voltage level might be too high for testing procedure and I should discharge my battery? Shall I discharge or change VESC config? what is more safe?

So firstly, I need my efoil back to live and then work on low performance.

Any suggestions? I need you help because I am very keen to see it on water again soon.

Really appreciate any feedback:-)

Maybe you get the overvoltage fault because the limit is set too low. You have a 14s setup maybe the vesctool is configured wrong. Check the limits page.