Running a 6384 motor in FOC mode on VESC

Is anyone here successfully using a 6384 in FOC mode?
I have the issue that the motor does not get going once in the water, everything seems to be fine when testing on land without load.

Here are the general steps I did to set it up with my VESC:
1.) Motor Wizard: Medium outrunner, 14 motor poles. Detection goes through fine and outputs the following values:
Screen Shot 2023-03-11 at 1.25.02 PM
2.) Then I changed the max motor current to 90A and adjusted max battery current, cut off values etc according to my battery pack
3.) Wrote motor settings to VESC

The motor spins up fine during dry testing without load, but does not in the water. If I change settings from FOC to BLDC then it also works fine in the water.

Any ideas what’s wrong? Is anyone here successfully using their 6384 with FOC?

How’d you get on? I’ve got mine set as FOC but have not tested yet. Maytech 100a vesc, 12s battery and 6384 motor.

Hey, what do you mean with “How’d you get on”?
Currently I’m running my 6384 in BLDC mode until I find a solution for FOC.

Hello, yesterday I did my first test with a 6384 motor and a FLIPSKY VESC 75100 and 10S battery.

With VELOCE XL wing very slow, and with CURVE X I didn’t have enough speed to get up.

FOC metod

Weight 93kg

Quite strange that it works for you dry and not in the water. Where do you have the VX3 receiver located?

FOC not recommended for more than 6s. BLDC is fine

i´ll try, thaks @NickOldfield

Why? FOC is a control algoritm, not limited to a certain voltage.