Russian efoil Build


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3d printed front wing

front wing fiberglass laminated

assemble mast, torpedo, front wing and connect electronic parts
[test motor on a table]

LTO battery 20Ah 30s with BMS. wery heavy and huge battery.


aluminum blade casting, first practice


So interesting, what is the material of the mast?

@JuanP Fiberglass mast filled with polyurethane foam

And the back wing, will you 3d print it?
Sorry for my bad english :sweat_smile:

Could you confirm it is PacificMeister Prop_rev3_3blade.stl prop casted in alu ? How do you balance the prop and improve the surface finish ?
What was inside the sand before pouring the fusion aluminium: pla, wax, EPS object ?
Would you have any picture of the intermediate steps :
A - before the video was filmed that is from 3D printer to shape making in the sand ?
B - from 1-Raw to 2-Polished drilled object ready to be mounted on an efoil motor ?

@JuanP yes, back wing 3d printed too. I have not tested wings.

@SoEFoil Yes it is PacificMeister’s Prop model. The first cast was unsuccessful. The printed part is sanded, then the putty is sprayed on and sanded again. balancing was not done. because of the complex shapes of the blade, it was impossible to remove the prop from the molding sand without destroying the mold. There are 2 approaches: 1) make a composite model of the blade and cast into a sand mold 2) make a wax model, make a shape, melt the wax, pour the metal. Next week I plan to make a casting on the 2nd option, since surface after casting will be better


@SoEFoil my answer is “A”

Do you mean you have pictures of the steps before the video ?:

I want to do a 3d printed foil(only wings). When will you test the wings? I want to do surf with a foil like that, without the electronics.

@JuanP I use this front wing, it’s tested. Kite Hydrofoil Front Wing - Fully 3D printed by dinceraydin - Thingiverse

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Heyyyy, any updates?

Board building

Uploading: доска-в-стекле00.jpg…


mast mount, easy install


I make Magnet button for Antispark Switch on FSESC 6.6 (VESC), IP68 Waterproof safety switch

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