Russian prop on Ebay for the 65162

I just saw this prop on Ebay. It looks similar to the FR prop. Pretty pricey.

Would you have a link ? Interesting prop, looks like brass.

FR clone

What a great idea to make the prop worse…mill into the blades :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

There is something wrong : 220USD for 43kg max thrust 120kv 14s. which Maytech motor did you use when you got 72kg of bollard (static) pull with a 10€ polished 3.5HP plastic solas prop on yout MTI65162 at 4200rpm - 54 V / 146 A:

there is nothing wrong. look at the wattage where the thrust is there is a short-term maximum output. you need an esc that can do that and a battery that can hold the voltage.

friends of mine have the world records in rc power boats. they are as big as our foilboards and a few hundred km / h fast. they draw up to 800amps of current from the batteries for a short time. the esc that are used are from the same factory that i use. this is a completely different world than china esc.

I also use the esc I use for the foil to fly with e-ppg at 14 kilowatts of starting power and 10 kilowatts of continuous power.

edit: i use the 100kv maytech Motor.

I do agree with you that an MGM is of far better quality but:

  • they use a 120KV motor with14S - they did not mention their current.
  • you’ve used a 100KV motor with 14s 54V - 146A = 7884W. According to Reacher, the 100KV peak current is given at 110A

So, my conclusion was that ZOR TOR (the company) did not push their drivetrain to get “only” 43kg of pull with a 220USD prop that is supposed to be far superior to a plastic Solas.

Would you have an opportunity to test a 65xxx Flying Rodeo propeller in the same conditions as the Solas ?

i use 15 S packs. 54 volts at 14 S are impossible under this load. when i compare propellers i see a difference of often only 3%. the aluminum propeller is certainly not a high end product. the geometry is 50 years old. why should it be much better? if someone writes a push value, he has to write the current, volt, water temp. I do that. If someone else does that too, you will see that they are very similar values. you can easily calculate it using the rules of the thrust and formulas of the proportional ratio. the accuracy is sufficient to confirm it. whether there is a deviation of 3 kg in perfect setups doesn’t matter.

No Diameter or pitch listed. What the hell.

And yea…the letters cut into the blades. Seriously? :sob:

Asked the seller :

Prop is 5.9x4.3 inch / 150x109mm, shaft 12 mm with key.
Prop is CNC’ed in alu (not brass, yellow light light gives this feeling), they can take the logo off the blades, coz yeah that’s pretty ridiculous.

Have a good day.
My name is Georgy, and I engeenered this prop.

The first thing I would like to note about logo on the blades: I knew that this gives a negative effect, but comparing prop with the logo and the propeller without the logo, I did not see any differences on the graphics and thrust. In addition, black PR is also PR.

I use a 120kW motor from Meуtech without a gearbox. In principle, the picture does not change much on a 100 kV motor.

About current - maximal 140A on the 120kv, and 125A on the 100kv


Hi. Thank you for the extra information.

If I may ask. How did you decide on this propeller diameter, pitch, and blade shape? Did you experiment with other props? This prop is smaller in diameter, and has less pitch then the FR prop. I don’t know anything about making propellers, but that prop works great. I would think this prop is a bit on the small side.


At first I have 100 kv motor with standard prop from Maytech (7,25x5).

He suit me by the output characteristics, but really so heavy (more problem with balancing) and if I would like to installation a guard - the total diameter will be 210 mm - too much.

Therefore I cut standard prop (diameter and pitch), and step by step found a need parameters with save guard diameter (175 mm).

About blade shape - in the technical literature, algorithm for determining the profile is specified in details - which I did.

What speeds are you getting with this prop? Which wing do you use?

I use custom wings by myself (175).
I don’t know about maximum speed, because my balls are no too big, and I really afraid give 100% of power (stable on the wing on the 40%)


m speed, because my balls are no too big, :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

They will grow Georgy, dont worry.

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:thinking: nice that you take care for him balls :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Hi Georgy. Welcome to the efoil community. Nice looking prop! I’d love to see a video of your product in action. May I suggest that you also manufacture an aluminum shroud made specifically for this prop and the 65162 motor. That shroud/prop together would be a great combination!

Thank you so much, but till summer I will finished a plastic guard. It is more then 2 lighter than aluminum, and will cost about $ 100.

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Have a good day.

I made 2 props for sale. Naturally, the logo is transferred to the central hub.

I also noticed that this prop is suitable for a total weight (board + rider) of about 100-110 kg. For example, my weight is 72 kg and board weighs 30 (with the battery).

We tried a heavier rider and with a total weight more than 125 kg, the foil will accelerate longer and it is more difficult for him to go to the wing.

I also noticed that there is a large current margin at the go to the wing, so I decided to design a 6.3 * 6.5 cargo prop. After the tests, I will write the results.