RYNO Motors is building a Hydro-Foil

Hey everyone. I’m in the middle of building a new prototype and thought I’d share it here. It’s about half built with all the drive train components bench tested.

5kw ME0909 DC motor mounted in the hull
Pair of 50amp continuous 48 volt batteries
“V” shaped hydro-foils
Patented steering system allows hull to roll from side to side while rider stays over lift point
35MPH top speed
Adjustable seat
RYNO small



I also thought about that, but what actuators do you have? Can you tilt the foils? I guess Yaw- and Roll-control is easy, but how about nick? Only by motorpower or also by AoA?

The CAD guy seems to know his stuff.

The logic for gyro stabilization is to throttle the propeller to keep the hull at a zero tilt or pitch angle. To ride the craft one pushes down on the handle bars to cause the craft to accelerate. Speed is determined by how much you allow the handlebars to return to a neutral position. With a 5deg angle of attack on the foils, the rider can tilt forward 4deg and the craft will still climb. See our current product here: www.rynomotors.com

That looks like a 6" inrunner motor. With a surface piercing foil - So the motor is mounted axially with the propeller?

Motors is a ME0909 Motenergy motor mounted with the shaft vertical, a timing belt to a vertical shaft down to a right angle reducer. Sorry! Something went wrong!

Here’s a progress photo.


Hey @hoffmail , how is the prototype going ?

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