SALE - Adjustable pitch propeller PROPULSE 6902 - 40€

Hi everyone, as i never took time to work on this project i sell my propulse propeller.
This is a high quality plastic propeller with adjustable pitch function (can twist the blades)

Model N°6902 (25-60hp boat range).

Brand New (sold 112€ by the shop) I never used it. Sold in the box with documents.


The blades can be removed so i planned to 3D print a new hub smaller and then cut the blades a bit.
This could allow to test different pitch with the same propeller.

Can ship in EUROPE !

Here is the photos

I wrote a personal message to you.

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Do you still have it?

Hi sorry it is sold already

Are you the lucky buyer ?
To anybody out there: how could we modify the pitch as a function of the speed detected by the ESC ? Low pitch at the begining, 5-6 in pitch full speed for a 140mm diameter prop.

No, I’m not. Just after I signalled my interest, I did notice, that I would need a left hand propeller.

Regarding your question the offered one was an APP (adjustable pitch propeller), not an CPP (controllable pitch propeller). You need a CPP to change the pitch under flying. With an APP you will go to shore and take a tool and partly demount and reassemble it to change pitch. The CPP in naval use are comparatively large, heavy, expensive and need (more) maintenance.

Do you still have it?

Hi sorry it is sold.