Saltypaws' CNC board shape

Hi Fellow E-foil Builders! I designed my E-foil board in F360, and planning to run the blank on a CNC.

First build, target volume: 100L
Size: 160x68x12cm

I am 95 kg and around 193cm

Please let me know what you think and whether you see improvement opportunities. Should I run a tube for antenna to the front? What would be the best way to incorporate that?

Many thanks for your comments!


hi, I’m a beginner and also first made a small case, rode for a month until September, decided to build a 180 cm by 75 cm case - more stable…

I’m writing something like this through a translator I’m sorry

Looks great!
You could go for a lid with a low wall pointing downward into an extra groove in the board. This helps giving the lid stiffness and keeping water out


hi at the moment I’m collecting a box of organic glass for all the equipment

I like this idea. Do you have an example of dimensions of wall extension, wall and groove width that worked for you?

At the moment I am kite foil boarding on the 108 cm x 45.5 cm. Moses T35 board. The board I learned on was not much larger. I know the kite give some support, but I assume the 160x68x12cm and 100L would be sufficient volume. Ask me again after I built the board :wink:


How is your board build going, Just at the stage of making board and your shape looks GooooooD!

Hi! I’m just starting my design now. I’ll be hand-shaping rather than CNC, but my design will be similar to yours. In your design, it looks like the aluminum plate in the base that the foil attaches to is free-floating (not sandwiched between foam). How is this mounted to the board. Is it just flush with the bottom of the board and then fibreglassed in on the top and bottom? Do the bolts run all the way through the plate, and if so, are you just planning to use Liquid Gasket or something similar to make the compartment watertight?