Sanding and glassing 3D printed PLA duct

Just about to start sanding and glassing my 3D printed PLA duct. Any advice on the technique, number of coats etc,


Hello perso I sanded with 120 and 600 with water before putting a plastic primer ( 2 thin coats). Then three coats of MOTIP black paint (spray paint) and to finish 2 coats of SPRAY MAX 2K matt varnish.

Thanks @Manu do you think your method is as strong as using epoxy resin?

This is the method I used for my Electric mountain board and it is shock and scratch resistant…

Cool thanks, I might give it a try it sounds a lot easier and less messy than using epoxy

Thanks for the pics, what brand of plastic primer spray did you use?

I bought it at FEU VERT car store

Hi guys

Thanks for all the suggestions.

Finally getting round to this! As I still have a little epoxy left I might just paint the duct with epoxy

How does it react to PLA and how do you stop it reacting in the pot while you are painting it on?