Sanity check on new build - Motor and electronics feedback

Building my first e-foil and looking for feedback on my part list. I have a few bits already, so it’s really the motor and electronics that I’m looking for reccomendations on.

I was planning to build the board and foil but found some very good ebay deals so have ended up with:

Lift E1 Sport board (5.0’) - Found on ebay, stripped of electronics.

Aztron Rocket 1450 foil and 60cm mast (may be a little short)

I’m building a battery pack from Samsung INR18650-25R cells. I’m recovering used cells. Plan is currently 14S14P to match the Lift battery as i know it should fit. (No current plan for BMS/Charging yet, probably split into 2x 7S 14P and charge with RC charger)

Hobiba D65L161-120Kv Sensorless, Brushless Inrunner, waterproof IP68, 120Kv, Screw shaft. (I’ll be in China for a week after new year, so can pick it up $320)

Option to also purchase the HB-150A/60V ESC from Hobiba (Marine ESC, Max working Current at 150A, Max Votalge at 60V $250)
But I like the look of the VESC6 MKVIHP (Higher Power) as I’ve heard that they are great to interface with.
Really open to options here though.

Planning to build my own based on an ESP32 and 3d printed housing, but may mod a eskate TX to waterproof it for quickness. Hobiba offer a TX/RX kit for $150, but I don’t really like the look of it.

Any feeback or advice would be awesome before I go ahead and order motors etc.


Good choices overall, i’d prefer to go with the vesc6 and possibly a bremote, doing a variant of this remote based on the already existing development would save some time for you.

Did you post already on this build in some other thread? I remember the foil being mentioned someplace.

The trampa vesc can’t handle 14s, it will die.

Don’t go 14p unless you plan on riding for long, otherwise it’s just a heavy beast.
I’ve converted all my batteries to 14s10p for 18650 cells and 14s4p for 21700 builds. The weight saved makes the board way more fun to ride.

Thanks, I’m definitely leaning towards the Vesc, I posted a while back and got some advice between 2 sizes of foil, the 1800 and 1450. In the end, only the 1450 was available. New from Nootica for £206, delivered duty paid to UK. Arrived today, it’s quite low aspect so I’m hoping easy to get started on, and won’t need to be too careful with it compared to the pricier options.

Ah, I was concerned about the 60V limit. Fully charged at 4.2V I figured it would still be safe at 58.8V, but that’s not a lot of headroom. So need to go up to the 75V Vesc then or drop down a cell? What would be the best solution in your eyes? Different ESC altogether? Thanks.

The 60V is an absolute max and very often you can get a spike so no headroom will push even 13S passed the max and potentially bow the ESC. On 60V they normally say 12S max.

For the ESC a lot depends on your skillset and how you plan on cooling it. I’d almost say try the Flycolor X-cross 160A. It can be found super cheap on aliexpress.

For the vesc, passive cool if you can. Flipsky 75200 is cheap and works well, their new pro version v2 has lots of good features, or a makerx g300 is really good as well, but a bit heavier. Stay away from the Raiden speed controllers.

I think I’ll probably go with a 75200, they look good value and I’m keen to play with the Vesc system. Any specifficly to avoid? I see the Makerbase version up for £77. I’ve got loads of room in the board, and there are already inlets and outlets for watercooling, so will likley go down that route. What cooling pumps are people using? Thanks again for all the advice.

Makerbase works but it is not the greatest vesc, it was stripped to the bare minimum.
Some Information here: How to update firmware on the Flipsky 75100 & 75200 FOC ESC - #281 by jaykup - The Citadel - Essential References for Esk8 - DIY Electric Skateboard Forums

Thanks, that was an interesting read, anything you’d recommend that’s a step up from these esc’s, the price point is great right now on the flipsky.