Santa Barbara West Beach near Harbor - perfect place to demo efoils

Howdy Folks

I am looking to start testing and demo-ing efoils in one of the best testing grounds in California: Santa Barbara’s West Beach. Perfect place to show the world this new technology with year round riding conditions and a steady flow of tourists from around the world.

I plan on opening an electric watercraft shop and help pioneer this new space.

I am looking for some working prototypes to start using ASAP.

Let’s get keep this momentum going.

Best Regards, BFT

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This is most definitely an awesome new space in electric watercrafts and an electric shop to cater to Esurf, eSUP’s, and jetboards is an awesome idea.

In case you didn’t know, a guy has the patent in the USA for these (eFoils) and no one else can build to sell them and go commercial in the USA. While there are many of us building efoils, they must be for personal use only and not be sold in the USA. Its possible the person who controls the patent could allow licensing of the idea for a fee, I don’t think is an option yet but not 100% sure. See thread about this: The history of weight shift controlled electric hydrofoils - Regulations and Patents -

You could demo the patented LIFT EFOIL and sell those (that is the patent controller). Possibly JetFoiler (Don) may let you demo his?

Welcome to the forum Ted, tons of great builders and information here.

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Hi Barefoot Ted,

I’m here in Santa Barbara as well and wanted to know if you have opened your shop?
I don’t have any equipment but I would love to start a build.


Not yet Jason. I am super stoked to see how far VeFoil has come along. Itching to see the final outcome. In the meantime, I keep a daily foothold in the West Beach/Harbor/Leadbetter happenings. Foils are the rage with a few Lift electric foils out on the water.

I also ride the Solowheels in West Beach which compliment the whole coming age of cool electric craft.

You can Google Barefoot Ted’ Adventures in Santa Barbara to keep up to date with my doings.

Great, I’ll check it out.

Hi Ted any new updates on your efoil adventures in Santa Barbara? I own a Waydoo and have really enjoyed riding it in Santa Barbara. I only use it when there is no wind to get me going on my wing foil at Lead Better beach. Hope to see you around town.