Santa Cruz, CA USA - (2) Flipsky 65111 motors, (2)VX3 Remote, (2) 6s3p battery pack and (1) FLipsky Mini VESC 70A

Selling a brand new Flipsky Remote VX3, Flipsky 65111 160kv inline motor and a custom built 12s3P battery made by Oh I also have a waterproof box 135mm x 285mm x 235mm.

Update: selling the following as well


FLIPSKY Mini FSESC6.7 PRO 70A base on VESC6.6 With Aluminum Anodized Heat Sink
](FLIPSKY Mini FSESC6.7 PRO 70A base on VESC6.6 With Aluminum Anodized H)

Getting rid of everything from my project!! I am not meant to do this.

VESC, motor, metal motor clamp, 3D printed parts - make offer on all or part!

Remote was $95 each plus shipping
Motor was $190 each plus tax and shipping
Battery was $550 each plus tax and shipping
The box was around $45 each plus tax and shipping
VESC was $95 new

I would prefer to sell all parts together but if you need/want one or combo I suppose I can break them up.

Best Offer.

Location location location…

Items located in Santa Cruz, CA, United States

Can you confirm that’s a 12s3p and not a 6s3p pack?

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My apoligies - I forgot we had to rework the original specs and I was looking at an invoice for the numbers. I was confused!

The battery is indeed a 6s3p

Basically this battery but built to fit the enclosure I have.

Thanks for catching that!



the battery should be 18650 cells,6s3p price $550 that’s some high price.

This battery is a 6s3p lithium-ion battery made from 18 Grade-A 21700 Molicel P42A cells with a modular BMS (Battery Management System) that protects the battery pack and keeps it running safely when operating and charging.