Sanyo NCR18650GA 3450mAh – 10A

Has anyone any experience with this battery? I am thinking of a 12s10p… for 120KV


I believe you are better off with high power rated cells instead of high capacity ones.
It will work but since you will be drawing 4A per cell avg these will give you large voltage sag and in the end you will see far less capacity.

Go atleast for 15Ah rated cells when doing only 10p. The 30Q seems to be well proven.

I only build with 21700 and the P42s are my favourite. An 8p pack of them is more than enought.

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Thank you @cim96dm7. I was going for 30q but cant find them in stock.
I might go to 12p for this reason. Do you think it will be “adequate”?

It will work as such, I built a pack with 16s8p samsung 50E cells rated at only 80A max. If you go for 12p then I think you are fine. You nominal load will be less than 30% of max rating. Check the stats on the lygte-info site though before deciding You are after cells that do no voltage sag to much at say 5A. 0,4v might seem little but when building a 14s pack its close to 6v that you loose under load.


If I understand it right, I will have 120A to “use” with 12s during “take off”
I don’t think I will reach that as I will be using the XL Gong foil.
During cruising I guesstimate it to draw about 30A.

The problem is I have no alternative as the GA is the only one I can find in stock now, and from what a friend who works in a battery shop tells me, no shops are making any orders right now because prices are very high (almost +40%) and they wait to see what happens…

Thanks for the help.

I have two battery packs for my efoil, both made of refurbished cells, 12s12p. Both made with 10A cells, works fine.

Cell specs:
Batt1 LG INR18650-MG1 2850mah 10A
Batt2 Sanyo 18650GA 3300mah 10a

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Hey, I’m in the same boat hunting for batteries during this shortage & price gauging BS. Can you post a link of the source you’re looking to order from. Supper bummed 30Qs aren’t going to be an option

I am afraid I won’t be of any help. It’s a local store here in Greece and I already asked him today if he can send to Europe so I would post his site here. He said it’s difficult because the courier companies charge him too much because he doesn’t have a large enough volume of shipping.

It’s a shame because he has really good prices. He sells the30Q for 4.2 Euro but only has 40 pieces now and not ordering any stock any time soon. So I am getting the Sanyo GA.

If you want to take a look the link is:

Sorry I could not help.

I didn’t know there was such a shortage. Get what you can, they all work for the application. you need 100A limit to safely get up foiling, thats it.
Point was that 3Ah cells with 20A rating outperform 3,5Ah cells with 10A rating in smaller packs where nominal draw is close to 5A.

Enjoy surfing!

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