Saw the new sifly

at the BOOT Düsseldorf… sifly setup looked really nice to me and may get a fliteboard killer :wink:

Does anyone know what motor they use? It looks a bit smaller diameter than liftfoils but still bigger diameter than flite and no gear used,…

Nah, Fliteboard are a very different setup and they now also have the jet attachment which no one else can do as an interchange. Fliteboard are out and out the top efoil there is.

I agree if you look at the finish… But one definately should try them :wink:
By the way the fliteboard sales agent admit that the jet only works for people below 95kg, similar to the audi efoil… There is still missing some power at start… So the heavier guys should still stick to the prop version :wink:

I have a Sifly R, I dont know what specific motor it uses, online it is says “8Kw brushless electric motor with Direct drive system”, fast and super quiete. Overall, Silly a great bang for your buck, excellent quality(not made in China) and performance but sadly NOT a Fliteboard Killer yet.

The quality level is on par but Fliteboard has so much more options(wings, upgrade kits, boards), for example I already want a smaller board as I have the 5.8 one, but all they have is 5.4(nothing smaller yet). Maybe in the future they come out with an even smaller board. If you like variety go with Flite or Lift, if your choosing based on budget, go Sifly instead of Waydoo. FYI, Flite front wings are compatible with Sifly masts.

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@efoilfun what’s the news ? 20 char