Sea Bubble twin motors

It will be interesting to know which motor they use…
5000 Pre-orders made, at the price of a Tesla…
Starts flying at 12km/h, speed max limited in Paris at 18km/h, much higher in Switzerland, Dubai at 50km/h…

More info at Revue de presse - SeaBubbles

This its TORQUEDO MOTORS… :hugs:

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Looks like you are right… Motors are not pods anymore, but more classically vertical

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Spotted during the Paris September mobility week, it is interesting to see how the Seabubble design has evolved: J-foils and Torqueedo propeller fired, T-bars, simplicity and custom design prop back in. The swirl behind the struts are incredibly high for a 200.000€ craft. @Alain_Thebault, just register on this forum and we will tell you how to solve this point :wink:.

Two small motors, probably a man arm long, allowing this 600+ kg (more than 1200 pounds with 4 persons aboard) craft to take-off is also amazing: