Sea scooter unusual esc as the motor is 3 phase brush not brushless

Hi guys
Need your help trying to fix my hoverstar aquajet sea scooter esc and as this model was discontinued no diagram or parts are available.

This is quite unusual esc as the motor is 3 phase dc brush not brushless.
I was thinking Brush motor controller are reasonably easy to fix .but then discovered that 4 thick wire connecting the motor to the esc .
3 green red brown are positive 1 black negative .
Connecting the red and black to the battery didn’t turned the motor.
We suspect that the Ic in the controller was damaged .and as I living in an exotic island in the Philippines find it hard to get access to proper Technicians :).
To describe the problem
This sea scooter has 2 operational electro magnetic switches. One for on off and the other to control the 3 speeds .the switch that controls the speed stopped operating we change the switch and checked the harness no problem. So its the esc.
As no spare parts
We was hoping the easiest solution is to bypass the speed switch and make the on/off run the unit in high speed.
Or replace the esc with a different model
When we opened all and i will add pictures:)
As i said we found 4 wires usually in 3 phase motor you have 3 wires going to the motor and 2 to the battery
We was hoping to connect flier or vesc replacement esc to the motor and try to run it but not sure what are the 3 wire going to the controller. If someone here has suggestions would love to hear.
Second I am not 100% sure if this is really 3 phase as i can’t find in Google brush motor that is 3 phase and its definitely brush motor. So again if someone familiar if this combination is possible brush and 3 phase please share your thoughts:).
Thanks in advance for all of you download

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Can we get more pictures of the internals ?
Are there windings on the stator AND on the rotor ? If yes you have your answer, you need to feed both the stator and rotor to get it spinning.
I don’t know how this particular motor works, especially on the stator side. Small DC brushed motors have magnets on the stator to get the EM, so you only need to feed the rotor to get it spinning.

I doubt you could fit magnets big enough on the stator here to get a proper EM force, so they probably opted for a wound stator (assumptions untill you can post more pics).

Interesting: Brushless Vs Brushed DC Motors: When and Why to Choose One Over the Other | Article | MPS

You could have a look at “Brushed DC motor controller” pages on misc. websites. Ali has them, this one is interesting for its choice and quality :
You need some motor and battery specs to focus on a few candidates. Brushed DC motor controllers are usually PWM driven.
In your search for an alternative ESC, you’ll have to mimic the way the +/- control buttons speed are processed. Electric bike handles and controllers might give a track as your motor has a similar power.