Seabob reference

I asked a friend for some photos of seabob internal prop configurations, figuring they have done some good optimization.


nice way too spend 200k ! honestly I expected more pixie dust for the price they sell them at. they run on 18650s as well.

My friend does the repair, from the looks of the shopping carts full, Iā€™d say the death rate is fairly high. I know the battery packs do not last forever. I visited the Seabob company about five years ago when an business partner was setting up a watersports distribution, they did not show their factory. they do have a very refined/aggressive sales strategy however

Do you know what motor and controller they use? How do the seal it?

Will check into those questions. Here are some pages of their 2008 manual that jumped out at me. Quite an interesting way to build the impeller with the turbine style blades, no doubt expensive, which is why they switched to a diecast alloy impeller as in the above units, no doubt are more recent vintage. ,