Seadoo Rise - new product

The big boys have arrived!!

Some photos from an attendee of a boat show

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I remember this seadoo foil being announced some time ago, last year or maybe even 2022? Neat to see some trade show photos, so I guess it hasn’t been abandoned. They are really taking their time with it. Interesting that the mast can fold for a sort of jet board configuration. Also odd that in the efoil position the mast comes off from the board at an angle.

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As far as I know they have not published specs or pricing but my impression is that it’s not intended as a high performance rig to compete in the existing efoil market.

Trading on the brand name and targeting the anybody can ride it market might work well if they keep the $ reasonable.

Sort of the reverse approach of sports like windsurfing that started out clunky and then evolved to light highly tuned (and expensive) gear.

Not for me but it might help mainstream the sport.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see these available for day or week rentals at lakes and beach towns around the US. Jet ski rentals are everywhere and Seadoo might just slip these in as another option

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