Seahorse carbon board for sale

Selling my carbon board originally built by Seahorse. All carbon construction, primed surface, currently wrapped in white vinyl. Have already sold electronics and drive train. Used only a couple of times in the water. Great starting point for a new build. Exterior dimensions are 54" x 24" x 6" and electronics bay dimensions are 26" x 13" x 3.5". Was $1700 new, asking $900 plus shipping, unless you can pick it up in NY. Nothing wrong with it, just moved on to wing foiling. Feel free to make an offer.

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Where are you located in NY?
With or without the mast/foil?

Yes, located in NY, in the city specifically. I can put you in touch with the manufacturer who can probably get you a new mast, when I purchased it was $80 plus shipping. I can throw in a set of Naish foils for $200 if you’re interested.

Dang, I was hoping you were further North! Mostly just curious. I’m in northern VT, though occasionally find myself in northern NY.

I can get it upstate for you to facilitate an easier pickup, would have to know in the next few days to make arrangements.

Looks like a great board but I’m too much on the fence to make it worth the hassle to get it up here. Thanks for the offer though!

How far upstate can you get it?

I’m just north of Syracuse (Phoenix) and very interested in this. Just joined this forum but I’ve built 3 VESC based electric skateboards and this looks like it would be a good base for my next step to get out on the water up here.

(I’d also be interested in the foil for $200 and finding out if I can order that mast)