Seaking HV 130 testing questions

Does anyone know how to test a Seaking HV 130? I suddenly do not have any beeping coming from the pod. I fully charged the batteries and Maytech remote and pulled the trigger and worked great. Pulled the batteries and brought the board down to the water and re-installed the batteries and now it is dead. Checked continuity to the pod and all is well. The receiver and remote are paired. Wires are all connected. Getting really frustrated.

I cooked my first seaking when my breaker got stuck on and I didn’t have coolant running through it because I was testing it at home, came back and it was red hot.
No beeps after that.

I opened it up and found the inside to be damp. I am hoping once it dries out that it will work. It is not cooked. My last one fried when the motor spun and shorted the wires. Getting tired of not getting riding in without something going wrong. I am done with the 3D printed parts and going with aluminum. Did you go with another Seaking? I am considering a Flipsky.

Any suggestions on resolving my no power problem. The last time I rode, the seal assembly broke and spun the motor which disconnected the wires in the pod. The motor became immersed in water while I swam back home. Once I printed a new seal assembly and re-assembled everything, I pulled the throttle on the Maytech remote and had power. Disconnected the batteries and lugged the board back to the water. Re-installed the batteries and no beeping sound. The receiver pairs with the remote. I have continuity with the 3 wires coming from the motor. I checked all the connections in the battery box. Trying to decide what to buy. A new ESC, motor or receiver.

Yes, I know what you mean, I keep telling myself that every time I fix a fault it’s perfecting it. Your not the only one going through this.