Sealing ESC with electrical gel - silicone

I’m.looking for a solution or at least to understand why don’t we put esc into an electrical box with electrical gel to avoid leakage

Of course water cooling is kept to ensure thermal dissipation

I was thinking about such product see image

Any comment or feedback on this approach?


Just submerged the ESC in corrosionX. It waterproofs, corrosion proof’s, acts as heatsink, and let’s you know if you have a leak.

The problem with potting is you have a hard time removing item if needed. And almost always moisture eventually finds its way in. Also for cooling purposes, potting causes the heat to be retained unless you have water cooling, versus corrosionX will act as a heatsink.


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This guy just loves his CorrosionX :wink:

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…but in all honesty. I’m just trying to help. It kills me to see guys with rusty failed bearings after 20 hours of use.

Disclaimer: I am not paid by, or a representative of CorrosionX!

Hey, that gives me an idea! Maybe I can get them to sponsor me! :rofl: