Sealing Shaft Against Water Intrusion - Share Your Experience

One problem that has dogged many of us is leaks around the shaft seals. I hope to use this post to collect best practices from which we can all learn. Share you failures too as they also provide a learning experience. Thanks in advance!

My first experience has been a failure. I used the standard PacificMeister build approach with two seals and grease in between.


i used 1 seal (double lips and spring) and grease, no water, that was the only part on my setup that did not leak but : i don’t use a coupler for my gearbox and i have a thrust bearing running in water with the prop lying on it and it is not attach to the pin and the bolt is not tight, the prop is “free” from the shaft

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the seal is designed to seal oil rather than water
so use the best gaskets on the market and print / lathe a hole of the right size
(smaller, I left the part from delarin for half an hour in the sun and the seals in the freezer, for easier adjustment



Check out the @virus way starting at 2’30, with the spring at 3’24 and 4’46
I wish Virus were selling his metal pieces of art…


The quiet achiever. This guy has some amazing skills

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Anybody know what model the magnetic switch around 1:54 is and how it is connected. I need a similar setup to cut the power when i fall off.



I use a mag safety switch. It triggers 2 hall sensors. The hall sensors trigger 5v / 12v solenoids one of these solenoids trigger a 48v 200a solenoid for the power supply the other disconnects the power to the reciever as a back up. All soleno9ds need a diode to stop the collapsing electro magnetic field burn out the hall sensors. Reed switches will also work instead of the hall sensors and easier to wire up.