Searching 3D Files for Slingshot Mast

Hey there,

I am new here and i would like to built my first e foil. But i am not good with CAD. Thats the reason why i am asking to share some 3d files for my slingshot mast. I would like to use the flibsky 65161 120KV 10mm. For this i need the following files.

  1. Mast clamp front and Back
  2. Propeller
  3. Propguard

I am looking forward to get an answer. Or just a link to another topic where i will find these files.

Thanks in advance.

do a quick serch on forum … all the answer of ur question is here… lazy is not an option here …the best is to buy thing and do it and test …and share … all settup that efoil lover ride are same … 12 s … overkill esc … ans a good motor … for foil u can make your own … but remember its a new tech stl file from net can be messy… so for beginer… buy a foil unit and build arond that


If you dont want to help please dont write. Thx.

U have a search function, just like every1 else. If ure 2 lazy to look it up for yourself, idk what u doing here. This forum and info on it grew cause people were looking, searching, thinking and posting. Nobody has obligation to strictly give u what u want. Be a part of community.


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A DIY efoil will cost you a little more time and effort. Please start reading numerous topic and setups on the motor you have, all the info is there.
Otherwise, just buy one:
Trying to help here, no commercial interest/benefits with this suggestion.


Everybody here that build bord read a least 70h on this forum haha

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Pffft I wish it only too me 70hours read time!!! And I’m still not finished!