Searching a board already with waterproof hatch. (EU)

Hi guys,
Im searching for an already preped boarrd for my efoil. I dont want to cut/ manioulate any surfboard, because in dont think am able to that. I wanted to ask if anyone based EU possible near Austria could sell me their old efoil board.
Maybe some pictures and price?


If you can adopt the battery system than that’s maybe an option for you:

that looks great, but for me way to expensive. Im looking for a functional one but it doesnt need to be preatty


You won’t find a ready to use e-foil board for less then $1,000-$2,000.

If you don’t want to build one, and don’t have the budget to buy one I suggest just attaching a waterproof box to the top of a already made foil board, or SUP foil board. Even these cost over $1,000. But, you might be able to score an old used one cheaper.

Really, IMHO… The cheapest board build method I have seen is using an old windsurfing board. There are several builds like this on the forum. You can get them very cheap. Just cut the tail off and use the nose section. Pretty easy to fiberglass the cut tail. And pretty easy to add a foil mount “track box”. You can buy the track box already made, in a block of high density foam. Just cut a hole and epoxy it in, fiberglass over. For electronics use a waterproof box on the top of the board if you don’t want to do any extra board work.

Good luck.


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Have you read the FR motor system thread? There is lots of examples in there about different board options. @rcjetman has a very nice simple build using lipo packs in a waterproof box on top of the board. Here’s a link.


Nm, I looked for a used, old efoil board without electronics. Many out there build a V2 version and leave their old board behind. I was just looking around for something like this. Maybe I need to follow your advise

Thanks though


Yea, so much time and money go into the version 1 board, most of the guys I’ve seen selling them try to sell them as a complete, fully functional e-foil board for a couple thousand and up.

But, yea. No harm asking / looking. Good luck!


If not sold, there’s @Dibo in Spain selling a nice board with a WPF hatch:

I would check an inflatable one. easy transport, handling and works fine as you only need it for the take off, one foiling the board is almost not important anymore…I think they sell it parts as well…Check or

Or the Mala inflatable boards that @nice2cu showed here :

There is the Ali seller too.