Searching for 65XXX

I’m searching for a motor for my new efoil.
Only motor.
Preferably from EU.

PM me or write below.

I have a Flipsky 65161 100Kv for sale!

100kW Motor, that is a Lot of Power!

Yes, its a Rolls Royce Azimuth Drive, very special, :rofl:



Do you think that could replace the SSS 56104 500KV and 5:1 gearbox in the PM V1 setup?
(I haven’t started my first build and this looks like a better alternative while still using the other components I already have)

Sorry @Flytomaz, didn’t mean to hijack your request: you go first!

I sent you a DM. 20 charrs…

I went for this motor:

Will let you know how it works.

How many KV does the ordered motor have?

I took 120Kv and 12mm shaft.
It is also an option.

This is a good choice, but the problem will be to choose the right propeller. Which propeller will you use (your own or purchased)?

I’ll use mantafoil prop and guard.

The torque of this motor will not be enough for the Manta propeller. The solution will be to remove the propeller cover first, possibly also reduce the propeller diameter a bit and increase the propeller efficiency (if possible).

Why do you think that?
Do you know any characteristics of manta motor?

I have commented on the Manta propeller only in relation to the DD DW54135 120KV motor. I do not know the Manta motor.

Its the 65161 120Kv motor…

It’s not. It’s the FR motor. At least it was at the beginning of his journey

This motor won’t have enough torque for a 150mm diameter prop. You’ll most likely burn the motor if you try it to get on plane.
Get something between 70 and 110mm prop for this motor but you also need greater kv or higher voltage.

Yes he started with the FR, but now he uses the 65161 if the props he makes are anything to go by…

Nicely spotted. I heard FR’s motor became hard to get as well, might explain it