Searching for a Reisenauer motorchief 6:1 [EU]

Hi guys,

I’m looking to buy a reisenauer motochief 6:1 and everything is out of stock for weeks…

Is somebody selling one ?
I’m located in France.


I might, but will just have to check if I’m going to use it…

I`m looking for a 6:1 motor chief with 3 planet wheels too, as mine broke after 10hours usage.
Reisenauer is unable to provide parts for it the next months…;-8

what part broke ? not the reisenauer?

the outer thread is worn out and one of the gear bearing is damaged…

@Jezza Let me know if you decide to make a poor builder happy :joy:

Build with ple60 neugart, it’s very strong too long runtime.
Greetings frank