Searching for an 80100 in Europe

Hello group. As the title says, i looking to buy used since its my first build and i’ll probablt fuck something up. Europe only! Thanks in advance

Well then I too am interested in a 80100 in Europe. Will only buy if brand new. I would rather apply the epoxy myself.

Why don’t you guys buy it brand new on the alien power system website?

Never said i won’t :smile:

I was just looking for a cheaper / faster way to get one piece of it.

I actually will sure buy one from APS website :wink:

I got you! I have one of these and they are great! Disassembling and modifying the motor (epoxy etc.) can be tricky so make sure you do it properly. Best of luck to you

As i said in the title, im testing the waters to maybe find something cheaper, since i dont really like electric powered “anything” (solely because of the charge times and range the battery can provide). Since i’m a mechanical engineer i plan to do it gas powered, but as i said im testing the waters to see if i can find some cheaper motor, because(at least in my country) i cant justify spending 300€ on a motor that with 1000€ added to it will have a 45 min ride time. But hey, maybe i find something for the right price. Can’t hurt asking?
Also, i didn’t say i want to buy brand new, its really the opposite. I want to buy used, so i can modify it myself, and mayne i can make it work out from me.

Hi, you might then be interested in a used (already epoxied) c80100 from @Louis.
Also, he is living in EU :slight_smile:

Just for the record, a new APS 80100 + shipping will cost you around 175€.
ESC, battery, powermeter, powerbreaker, elogger, props… is indeed worth 1k€ depending on your configuration.

Thank you :blush: !!

Either are not responding anymore, so still in search for one!

Sell a new
APS 80100 80KV

150 €

I have good experiences with 6384 with 120kv.
Price by eBay 60-100€
Greetings frank

Hello. Still in search of one, only 80100 as i want the direct drive, and ONLY USED!

I have one shaft is cut and was in water

Btw im from Austria so EU is correct.

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Sent you a message mate…

bro please respond @Blackdavid

if you need an 83100 i will sell you a new and unused one

He didnt respond for 5 days

I can’t do anything either :slight_smile: