Second-hand jetsurfs and esurfs are already on the market

When will we have second-hand efoils ?

When the first generation becomes obsolete… that is when the big brands launch their second range … improving their first range … hardly launched (Lift, CabraTech) or not launched at all (Fliteboard, Eldoridedo, …) :wink: :wink: :wink:

The first version of jetboards appeared in the 1960’s. Jetsurf as a brand is 10 years old. So I’m not sure that it is a benchmark market for the eFoil one. However, the eJetsurf market that blossomed in 2016 …

You are right, actually there is this second-hand electric Onean …
Yes, that is not an efoil… But I guess that this is coming quicker than we think

Surprisingly, it says “in stock” and “1 year guarantee”. Wow.

and then this kind of efoil, not bad, under 3000 euros. Again, it does not look so much as a second-hand one… So how much could that one cost as a second-hand ? Half price ? We are getting close to a DIY price !