Self-Balanced Hydrofoil With No Equipment (DONE !)


I am a naval architecture and marine engineer that graduated from Istanbul Technical Univesity. My graduation project was self-balanced hydrofoil. I manufactured it and tested in circulation tank last year. IT WORKS EFFECTIVELY :grinning:

Note: Aft hydrodoil’s strut was short. So aft of model didn’t leave from water :confused:

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Really interesting ! But we cannit see your gif/video , it’s too small. Do you have a vidéo of it ? More information regarding this project ?

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It would be interesting to see a video. But a testing tank is very isolated in comparison to testing it in a real world environment like open ocean.

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I add a link :slight_smile:

I add a link… Tank creates waves. It is similar with open ocean

Maybe I’m wrong but this is what happens with every foil wing if it’s mounted the way you did?
In my opinion, this is just a video about how a hydrofoil works.

‘‘One problem that a hydrofoil craft can experience is the height of the waves being greater than the struts. Also, if the craft is traveling faster than the waves, the foils could break to the surface and outside of the water, resulting in a loss of lift and a negative angle of attack when the foil dives into the next wave, making the craft crash into the sea.’’
I prevented crashing into the sea when foil dives into next wave. The struts are symetric foils.They dont have lifting force.