Self introduction and Jet Pump Shaft Seal! :)

Super new here, just registered. i’m making a jet propulsion board, pretty much nearly done but water sealing hmm… lol

boards super important to me, as I’m trying to start a charity and plan to use it to market apps i’ll be publishing, main goal of the charity is why donate money when you can donate your entertainment!

Plan on raising money for ocean protection/cleaning/governing.

Anywhos, does anyone know of a simple bearing rubber universal shaft seal to be used? shaft is 10mm, if there is a Youtube video or an amazon link that other people are using, or checked out it would be extremely helpful as I’ve became stumped!

Nice to meet everyone and thanks for taking the time to stop by!



hey mate, there is two types of shaft seal that guys use here. (correct me if i am wrong)

1 mechanical shaft seal, this uses a pre tensioned spring to hold pressure on two plates that slide past each-other with low friction. if you go with this method make sure the plates dont get oil or dirt on them. there is videos on YT about this.

  1. easier way is to get double lip shaft seals that basically press like bearings and have 2 rubber lips that seal on the shaft. make sure your shaft is polished to reduce friction.

either way is cheap as chips on aliexpress

Google “double lips oil seal”, there are plenty of them in virtually any size.
They need polished surfaces, lube (in our case lots of marine grease between the two that you might want to use and possibly no vibration. So shaft should be supported by one bearing on each side of the seal. Ceramic bearing do the trick as they don’t mind to be dunked in salt water…acually water keeps them cold! Not sure if 10mm would be easy to find though.

Actually a few answers here

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Oil seal, double lips.Sorry! Something went wrong!

Just search for right size: bore/ext diameter/profile in mm and better use 2 one opposite to the other, spring toward inside. Lots of grease in between


Trying to get the exact French translation for, not easy :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for the speedy replies! i will get the googling right away.

Thanks again!


Hey everyone, thanks again for replying!

Thought i’d pick your brains again with the axle force… the impeller is going to have quite a bit of weight pushing the whole shaft forward, would another bearing holding the shaft be the answer?

Thanks Skip