Self taught home shop machinist in San Francisco is looking for eFoil builders to with with

I’m a self taught machinist with a home shop in San Francisco. I would like to work with one or two Efoil builders in my area to build a complete Efoil. My home shop is well equipped except for a lathe. I’m learning Fusion 360 to use with my cnc mill and cnc router.

I’m weak when it comes to the electronics and electrical systems. My machining tolerance are around 3-5 thousands. I have worked with carbon fiber and fiberglass layups with a vacuum system in my home shop. I’m also an experienced wood worker.

I would like to combine the talents from different Efoil builders to equally divide the build experience so that each of us will walk away with individual Efoils.

I’m also receptive to small machine shop jobs on an hourly basis for cash if the need arises from any Efoil builder,

Rod in San Francisco
415 three five zero 5282


Hey Rod, If you have not searched for the topics you want to learn about, be sure to use the search feature on this forum. It works extremely well, and while there may not be many builders in your area, by sharing your thoughts, questions, work on this forum and getting member feedback, it feels like you are building with a huge group of awesome ppl…

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