Sell : Brand new Lift propulsion unit


I’m selling a brand new Lift propulsion unit. Everything you will see on the pictures is included.
I’m saying it again : it’s brand new, never been used.

The kit is composed of following:

  • Reinforced transport bag
  • New complete propulsion unit : motor, propeller, propeller shroud, mast clamps, Lift carbon fiber 28” mast with mast plate and gasket. All the connectors,…
  • New Lift hand controller
  • New Lift battery charger /!\ data cable for the charger isn’t included /!\
  • New Lift charger plug (US)
  • New set screws, manuals, aka “Efoil Hardware kit”

Price : 3900€ excluding freight & import taxes. Slightly debatable price.

The kit basically comes with everything when you purchase a Lift Efoil. Will be perfect for anyone looking at an easy to integrate solution. Even the transport bag might come in handy for some looking to transport their stuff to the beach.

Warm weather is coming soon, beter spend your build time wisely :smiley:

PM me for price offer. I live in Belgium, pickup is also possible upon prior inspection.

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Bump, I accept serious offers.



Bump, still available.

Bump bump bump :slight_smile:

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Interested, where are you located?

Hi there,

I’m from Belgium. Small country in EU.