Sell electric foil surfboards can choose own design with logo

More design will offer if you want cooperation

Price? and shipping?

Could you leave your message or Skype account that i can add you first.-- Lisa
Personal facebook : Lisa Lu

Together, we make it better. :slight_smile:

Is the price a secret?

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$2500, shipping to the US $900

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Wow that is a crazy high price. Are you sure it is not $250 ? or is a complete system included with everything ? charger, battery etc ??? :wink: …builders . Warranty on motor & gearbox is provided by ?

Secret ? More or less but only for a few days during their market study.
During this early phase where they are the first on the market to sell eFoil boards only (a bit earlier than VeFoil), they are testing the market to maximize their margin. So if there is a crowd saying they can spend 700USD for the board only, they will ask for this price. If there are 20 DiYers answering no more than 250 uSD, they will ask for 300…
Before each new product arriving on the market, there is always a “How much R U ready to pay” phase. So as a consumer, you should always answer and divide your own price by at least a 2 factor.

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This is the response I received when I asked about pricing for the complete foil package.

one piece is 2850usd/pc , sample price.
reach 5pcs can enjoy price 2650usd/pc
6-10pcs 2380usd/pc

you can find all answer below:

  1. Average speed: 25-30 km/hour

  2. Top speed : 40-45 km/hour

  3. Battery charge time : 4 hours

  4. Battery lifetime : 90 minutes

  5. Powerful lithium battery ( 40 Ah ) : rechargeable

  6. Voltage : 36V

  7. High efficiency BLDC electric motor: 1000W – 3000W

  8. Rotation rate : 5000 rmp

  9. Flying Foil : Full carbon ( patent design )

  10. Wireless waterproof controller: R/F type.

  11. Safety control system: magnetic blow-out switch

  12. board size: 210 x 70 cm

  13. Board package: 230 x 75 x 20 cm

  14. Parts package: 100 x 56 x 25 cm

  15. Battery package : 50 x 32 x 16 cm ( only sample Separate packing )

16: Weight : 28kg/ set

So. You getting one?

Not at this stage
Im more interested in building my own jet drive board
IM nearly there

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That’s great. I’m jealous as I don’t have the resources to make one, but would love to purchase one. Let me rephrase that…would love to purchase one for under $4k

I figured the group of builders here might be able to benefit from their build.

You going direct drive on your build?

Hmmmm… Wonder how you could ever get 90 mn of battery life at say 1500 / 2000 watts with 36v / 40Ah batteries :wink: Numbers do not click. 40 mn maybe. 90 mn no way.

Yes im focusing on direct drive
Jet design
So close at the moment


Wow. it has better performance than Fliteboard or Lift! For 1/5 the price? Sounds a bit like bullsh!t to me.

There’s going to be other Chinese companies copying the outward appearance and design of the quality eFoil brands, but they aren’t privy to the inner working. Trust me, it’s what’s under the lid that matters, and you’ll get zip support or warranty from a $3k China efoil.

There’s a reason I can’t go down to the local Jetski shop and get a Chinese Jetski. Maybe in time, but not today. I would love to see how this pans out but I think it’s possibly $3k down the can. Better to spend that $3k developing your own satisfying eFoil project DIY, or hiring a quality one for a good amount of time and having real fun.

for that price you can not expect Samsung, Sony, Sanyo,… batteries

I got quoted over $6000 usd to New Zealand.
Did some research and now building my own for so much cheaper
There is a few on selling this
And these guys are the first to have it ready to sell and they are also the cheapest

I believe thisi sa price for complete setup!
I just followed up our long discussion with @Lisa couple of days ago about bare E-foil board which she previously gave me $685 at Nov first 2018 per board, with minimum order of 10. This time She clearly said No bar board anymore for DIYers! but complete setup for $2500.
And now She is still advertising boards here! I agree with the idea of she might just running market analysis
Besides for their complete setups, There is no specs! she just shared bunch photos of the board and battery, No remote or charger! the battery looks like a suit case and I bet it has no compliances and certification to be shipped in US or Europe!
I was willing to buy one or two board with some extra money for shipping but seems they are not ready for the production and she is in charge of showing some numbers to her bus so the boss can go and raise some money for mass production lol